Why Can’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

Why Can’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

As a general rule of thumb, it is an on-board etiquette that shoes are not allowed on a yacht.

Understanding this barefoot yacht rule, among other unspoken ones,

can enhance your experience on the boat and make it as enjoyable as possible. So, why can’t you wear shoes on a Yacht?

If you are new to a yacht, there is a shoe basket where you deposit your shoes to comply with the barefoot rule.

This is because shoes may cause a wide array of damages that may deteriorate the yacht’s interior.

In addition, there are other numerous reasons why you can’t wear shoes on a yacht, as articulated in this article.

Why Can’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?


In this section, we are going to explore why shoes are not permitted on a yacht and the possible consequences of having them on the boat:

·       Damaging the yacht

Heels, among other hard-soled shoes, are a potential threat to the yacht’s interior as they can dent the decks.

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Most yachts have wood floors that are highly prone to damage and scratches.

Additionally, shoes can tarnish the light-colored carpets and floor of the yacht.

This is why the crew and guests are provided with baskets to leave their shoes as they enjoy their ride.

However, you should realize that the yacht’s surface might be tough on your feet.

There are “boat shoes” intended to keep your feet safe as they also protect the boat’s surface and carpets.

Such shoes are made of soft soles, and their usage is restricted only on the yacht.

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Cruising Yacht

·       Maintaining balance

The barefoot yacht policy also serves as an anchor when sailing.

Most people have attested that it is easier to maintain balance barefoot than with shoes.

High-heeled shoes can be disastrous on a swaying yacht as they may cause tripping and injuries.

Moreover, the yacht’s surface is non-slip, and staying barefoot will uplift grip contact. Water splashes may lower grip when on shoes.

There are also numerous fun activities on a yacht, and going barefoot will ensure that you get the best moment.

For instance, being barefoot ensures that you have a better grip for climbing poles on a yacht.

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Yacht interior

·       Keeping the yacht clean

Shoes collect pebbles and all sorts of dirt from the outside, which can distort the golden interior appearance of a yacht.

Despite how hard you keep your shoes clean while getting on a yacht, period entry of dirt will lead to accumulation which ruins the indoor space.

·       Enhancing your comfortability

The indoor aura of a yacht mimics one of a home. Thus, when you go barefoot, you will enjoy more comfort and have utmost fun.

You will also get the best of the water-related activities on a yacht, such as sunbathing, swimming, and fishing.

Shoes may also feel like a burden when on a yacht. When you are barefoot, you will have less worries about your clothing,

and you will have an ideal match for the rest of your outfits, such as bikini and board shorts.


What Not to Wear on a Yacht

Shoes that may be problematic to the yacht and your safety should be avoided.

Yacht parties are common and may lure you into wearing high heels.

Nonetheless, they leave marks and scratches on the deck, and they are quite risky on a moving boat.

Shoes with zippers are also not recommended as they are quite uncomfortable.

They are also not ideal for wet or hot environments as they will swell up your feet.

In addition, the metal parts will corrode, particularly due to salty water.

Canvas can be partially used as boat wear though they are not recommended for longer trips.

This is because they do not dry out fast, and they have a bad smell after a couple of weeks.

They also discolor quickly, which may not be great for your shoes.

Finally, leather shoes should be avoided as they leave skid marks and soil the surface.

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Best Shoes to Wear on a Yacht

Sailing on a yacht on the first day may be quite surprising due to the rules that will govern you during the trip.

There are numerous rules, but our main focus today is on wearing shoes on a yacht.

We have analyzed why you should not wear shoes on a yacht, but you may be wondering whether certain shoes are permitted in the boat.

As stated earlier on, shoes will damage the surface of the yacht. In this regard, if you want to wear shoes on a yacht,

they must be non-slip and have non-marking soles. They should also have soft soles, preferably rubber,

as leather soles will generally damage the wood floors and leave scuff marks. Some of the preferred boat shoe types include:


1. Sneakers

This selection is among the most popular boat shoes worldwide, and they are readily available.

They are ideal boat shoes as they are lightweight, easy to clean, and offer impeccable comfort.

Sneakers also have rubber soles that enhance protection and grip. They also do not limit you to having fun as they dry quickly.

2. Moccasin Shoes

They are heelless shoes that are made of soft leather and have flexible soft soles.

Moccasin shoes are good-looking and comfortable and offer an appealing sailing experience.

However, wearing them for long may result in a distinctive aroma that may not be pleasing to your shipmates.

3. Sandals and Thongs

Sandals and flip-flops are great for boat wear as they have an open design that makes your feet feel free and comfy.

You will also have less worries about water splashes as it drains fast from your feet.

Sandals can be worn as long as possible without evoking any smells or prompting any cleaning.

A yacht is an exciting way to spend your holidays, especially during summer and yacht parties.

However, some rules may not be familiar to a newbie, such as not wearing shoes or recommending shoes for yacht rides.

Understanding the shoes to and not to wear, among other dos and don’ts,

can ensure that you have a seamless time as you have fun on a yacht, as discussed in this post.

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