What to Bring on a Disney Cruise

What to Bring on a Disney Cruise

You’re probably one of the millions of people who have always dreamed of taking a Disney Cruise. But what do you need to know before booking your trip?

Well, what are some of the essentials you will want what to bring on a Disney Cruise?

What games should you bring along for kids on board? And what about food restrictions or allergies.

What if someone has an allergy and can’t eat gluten-free or vegan foods served at the buffet?

These are all important considerations when planning any vacation, but they’re especially important with a Disney Cruise.

Here’s what you need to know before packing up for your next adventure aboard a Disney Cruise!  

Disney Cruise Preparations- How To Prepare!

1. Create A Packing List:

What you need for your cruise depends on what you plan to do on the ship and in the ports-of-call, so first things first:

Before planning what to bring aboard Disney Cruise Line ships, start by creating a full packing list.

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This will help ensure that what to pack doesn’t weigh down your suitcase too much – or end up forgotten at home!

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2. Research What Health Services Are Available

If you or someone in your group requires extra assistance(disability) or treatment while on board,  a Disney Cruise list that caters for  disabilities can help smooth the way before you sail.

If someone is confined to a wheelchair or walker, be sure they have a Disney cruise preparations that’s suitable for those circumstances (like waterproof shoes and working wheel chair).

3. Plan around Food Restrictions

If you or someone in your group has allergies or dietary restrictions that will prevent them from eating certain foods, be sure they know what to bring on a Disney cruise line!

Most Disney Cruise Line ships offer special diets and allergy accommodations, but your diet may still conflict with everything else being offered. 

Calling ahead and knowing what is available will reduce stress and help you enjoy your vacation even more! 

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What to Bring On a Disney Cruise

Before you pack your bags for your Disney Cruise, make sure that you put together what the essentials are.

You’ll want to bring what is appropriate for the season, what you would wear during the day for the climate, and what you will need in case of emergency! Here are some suggestions:

a) Essentials- Disney Cruise Must-Haves

These are the Disney cruise must-haves! You simply must have these things for you to even think of embarking on a Disney Cruise!

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1. Important Documents

A passport, or government-issued photo ID, should be what you bring on a Disney cruise if you are not from the US. You will also want to bring what is needed for any shore excursions, including a driving license and any other legal documents!

2. Extra cash (USD)

Some ports of call don’t accept credit cards. Be prepared to use cash (and lots of it) while away from home base!

3. Particular medications

If someone in your party has allergies or special health needs, make sure they park enough medication for the entire trip. We don’t want a situation where one can’t find their medication while in the high seas! – This can be really stressing!

4. Camera /Phone and Charger

If you are the type that likes to take photos, what not to forget would be your camera and all the appropriate accessories. A digital camera or a Polaroid type is another option!

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b) Items of Clothing

1. Comfortable shoes

You will be on your feet all day no matter what…the best way to make sure that you are comfortable and happy is shoes. Pack one pair for every couple of days (you’ll get dirty from port, etc.) You can go with whatever type of shoe you want- sandals or flip flops, tennis shoes, regular sneakers, boots…just make sure they’re comfy!

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2. Bathing suit or cover-up

Be ready to hit the beach once in a while! A bathing suit under your clothes is what to bring on a Disney cruise line if you plan to go swimming while onboard our ships. Just be sure to bring what you will wear- your suit needs to be appropriate for the climate and weather!

3. Light sweater or jacket

You might not need a jacket if you are going in summer. But it gets breezy, especially at night so just make sure whatever you plan on bringing can withstand the Disney cruise night coldness!

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c) Disney Cruise Theme dress Code

1. Formal Night Dress Code

If you are planning for a fancy night out at sea, you will want to bring along a lovely dress, a suit, and a tie for the Formal Night. You don’t want to be the odd one out

2. Pirate Night Dress Code

Pirates wear anything they want, so don’t feel like you need to have a set dress code. Just park what would make you the most comfortable and what best fits your theme.

However, you can spice up the pirate night by bringing authentic pirate costumes!

3. Princess Dresses

If your child is looking forward to meeting a character, it’s so fun to have an outfit ready for them.

Bibbity Bobbity Boutique offers princess brunch and if you want the little girl in your life dressed like one of their favorite characters, save some money by bringing her own costume with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions on packing for a cruise

What Are Disney Cruise Luggage Limits?

Luggage for a Disney Cruise is limited to two bags per adult traveler. 

The limit per piece of luggage per person is 50 pounds; there is also an overall maximum allowance of 100 pounds.

If you exceed these limits, additional charges may be incurred by the airlines or the cruise line.

Can You Carry Snacks On A Disney Cruise?

You can bring snacks and beverages on your Disney Cruise, as long as they are in containers of 3.4 ounces or less.

Be aware that some items (cookies, candies) may be considered part of the meal plan treats included with your vacation package.

Bottom Line about preparing for a Disney Cruise

In conclusion, what to bring on a Disney Cruise may differ depending on what type of trip you are taking.

Make sure that you have what is needed for the theme night and what clothing will work best throughout your cruise experience.

If all else fails, make sure to pack some comfortable shoes!

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