Partnership and Advertising

UBGuest has grown to become an independent travel blog for those who want to explore exotic places around the world by sea, air, and land. 

Our team consists of enthusiastic travelers who’ve visited some of the most breathtaking places on the planet, which explains why our travel recommendations are at least 85% specific in kind. 

And our goal is very simple:

To inform, inspire, and entertain you without slamming technical travel terms and jargons into your face. 

Like many blogs with humble beginnings, UBGuest started as a small personal blog and it has grown to become a go-to platform for thousands of readers who’re interest in tours and travel. Our independent research has enhanced our growth and connected us with a massive audience that shares our interest. 

Given that we create travel content based on firsthand travel experience, we make sure our readers find the value they’re looking for so they won’t have to look for content elsewhere on the web. 

Partners and Business Opportunity 

With hundreds of readers visiting our site every day for travel tips and recommendations, collaborating and doing business with us can be a great opportunity for you to reach out to our audience with your products and services. 

So if you’re an agency in the travel space and you’re looking to market your brand to a larger online audience, UBGuest is for you. 

Affiliate Partnership 

Readers come to UBGuest to compare tour and travel packages as well as travel products that can turn a weekend getaway from a usual trip into a memorable experience. The editorial team here works hard behind the scenes, testing and researching options, to meet those needs. 

Our effort and commitment to exploring different areas of travel and putting our real life experiences in words have helped readers to not only become confidence in us but also trust our product recommendations. 

If you have a travel related product or service that you’d like us to recommend to our readers, please email us at [email address] with more information about your packages. 

Paid Content Promotion 

Our content has been the same from the day we started UBGuest. By setting the quality bar high and sticking to strict editorial standards, we’ve been able to make sure our reader access the best content on water, land, and air travel. 

We’re very strict on the type of content we publish because we want to build trust with our audience. We also want to keep being the go-to place where avid travelers find the information they need to make the most reasonable travel decisions.

If you have a topic idea you believe would be suitable for our audience, or you have an article ready to go live, you can get in touch with us for a paid content promotion. With your content on our site, you can drive hundreds of visitors to your site through referral traffic from UBGuest. 

Display Advertisement

In addition to affiliate partnership and paid content promotion, we can also connect you with our readers through display advertising. Our display ad units are affordable, easily accessible, and stay live on the site for a considerably longer duration. 

Note that we can easily customize your ad placement to suit your marketing goals. That way, you can reach our audience using a strategy that best suits your business. All you have to do is reach out to us with more information and we’ll get back to you in the shortest time possible. 

Final Words

UBGuest is here to help you reach a relevant audience in the travel space. We can promote your brand or destination so you get the right leads for your business.  

Whether you deal in family trip, photography acquisition, travel products and giveaways, experience based reviews, or takeovers UBGuest just might be what you need to meet your target.  

Please keep in mind that all sponsored links on our site are no-follow. Also, UBGuest charges a small fee to include new affiliate partners in our content, except in the case where you’ve supplied a product for independent testing and review. 

These terms aren’t subject to negotiation, but for what it’s worth, we’re confident that they’ll benefit you by placing your brand in the eyes of the right audience, drive traffic to your site, and even generate you sales and leads. 

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