Our Review Process

UBGuest is a platform built by travelers and dedicated to those who would like to explore the world beyond where they’ve been. We spend time going places, talking to people, looking at products, and experiencing the best of the travel world to bring you unbiased information. 

Our content process involves testing, interviewing, and testing travel related products and service to recommend what we believe to be suitable for you. The content team here works around the clock to ensure you get access to unbiased, useful, and up-to-date information without paying a dime for it. 

Really our goal with this blog is simple: 

We do the research upfront so you don’t have to. We evaluate different travel packages so you don’t have to spend so much doing it. Where we can’t rely on our judgment, we’ll source the right travel information from the experts to give you access to exclusive content that many travel bloggers simply don’t. So if you hate spending too much time doing research and would rather get on the vacationing bandwagon in the shortest time possible, UBGuest is the best option for you.

Our view process is 100% dynamic, and highly depends on the kind of content that we wish to put out there. To be clear, ultimate guides and helpful reviews take time to put together, which is why we’ve laid out a streamline content process to make sure what we publish after hours of research is something worth sharing with the world.  

The Complete Review Process at UBGuest  

Here’s a breakdown of the most important steps that we follow to come up with every piece of content that appears on this blog: 

Step #1: Testing 

We plan trips, compare packages, book different types of travel means, and explore different places around the world. It’s an involving and rather expensive process, but nothing you can liken to the experience we get from traveling to different parts of the world.

In addition, we explore brand sites and product pages to come up with a list of travel related products. Based on 3 to 5-star ratings, which is our current standard, we look for credibility, biasness, and performance. We’re careful to choose balanced information and hardly ever fall for simply promotional stuff. 

Often, we end up with solid information that we can put together in a blog post to help our readers make the most informed decision as far as travel accessories, packages, and related recommendations are concerned. 

Step #2: Research 

Depending on our own experience is great, but it’s not always enough to put epic travel guides together. That’s why we go beyond what we know and talk to other travelers to learn from their experience. 

Our team holds interviews, throw polls, make countless phone calls, and even hold live friendly meeting with travelers from around the world to collect valuable information. We spend hundreds of hours a month on travel forums and, where possible, we network with other travel bloggers to create great content for UBGuest.com. 

If anything, our research process is often long and sometimes quite overwhelming. However, it’s equally interesting and worth the time we invest because we get to publish the best information compared to what you’ll find out there. 

Step #3: Content Creation 

Our content team put together some amazing guides based on their travel experience and research from other sources. Because our team is made of up of individuals with actual travel experiences, we’re able to produce the kind of content that will help you make the right travel decision. 

Whether you need suggestion on the cruise ships to aboard for a 7-day vacation or you need to learn more about the Royal Caribbean cruise line, or you want to dive deeper into cruise packages, you’ll find the right type of content here.

Some guides are based on our firsthand testing and experiences. Some are based on the interactions from people that we’ve interacted with. At the end of it though, our content creation process focuses on quality, which is part of our core value as a brand. 

Step #4: Editing and Publishing  

We want everything we publish on UBGuest to be easy to read and understand. And that’s what we have an editing team for in the first place.

To be brutally honest, the travel industry seems to have hundreds of technical terms that an average traveler shouldn’t even itch to know. So our editing team takes the responsibility to make sure that our guides, reviews, and tutorials are as humanly readable as possible. 

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