Crystal River Cruises Reviews

Crystal River Cruises Reviews

As they claim to be the most luxurious river cruises, it’s no surprise to see the much attention drawn their way. But are Crystal River Cruises indeed luxurious, or is this simply a customer-attraction strategy?

Herein, we discuss Crystal River Cruises Reviews in detail.

The Newest Crystal River ship is Crystal Ravel. Nonetheless, all the ships of Crystal River Cruises are all-inclusive but allow for cruise-only vacationing.

Crystal River Cruises cost roughly $600 per person per day, although the price varies based on several factors.

Comprehensive Crystal River Cruises Reviews

white ship towards bridge
River cruise

While not having a massive river fleet akin to companies like Vikings, Crystal River Cruises remains amongst the best.

Even so, the launching of new vessels means the provision of better and more facilities. So, what is the latest Crystal River Cruises ship, and is it their best option?

Which Is the Newest Crystal River Ship?

Equipped with lots of amenities plus a competent and adequate staff, Crystal Ravel ensures that you have an enjoyable cruise experience.

The ship offers all passengers comfortable accommodation in well-appointed cabins. Each cabin comes equipped with ensuite facilities as well as satellite TV.

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Also, there are two restaurants on board: one for breakfast and lunch; and another for dinner only. You can enjoy your meals at any time during the day or night.

There is always room service available 24 hours a day for those who prefer not to eat while cruising.

If you want to relax after a long day’s work, then head over to the spa, where you’ll find a sauna, steam bath, and other relaxation areas.

On top of this, there is a gymnasium, so you don’t need to worry about losing weight.

What’s more?

The ship has a big indoor pool which provides plenty of space for swimming. In addition, the ship offers various water sports such as kayaking and sailing.

It also boasts a large sun deck area where you can spend some quality time relaxing under the sun. This makes sure that you get enough rest before returning home.

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white and brown boat near river next to brown building during daytime
Cruising a river

What else is there to marvel about this new ship?

Well, firstly, its spaciousness allows everyone to feel relaxed and happy throughout their stay onboard.

Secondly, the crew members are very friendly and helpful. They make sure that they cater to every passenger’s needs.

Thirdly, the food served aboard the ship is delicious and nutritious.

Better still is that the price offered by Crystal River Cruise Line is reasonable compared to what others offer.

Crystal Debussy, Crystal Bach, Crystal Mozart, Crystal Mahler

Being the sister ship to Crystal Rival with only a month’s difference separating their ages, Crystal Debussy is just as good. In fact, the two ships are pretty identical, down to the number of rooms and amenities available.

The same is so for Crystal Mahler and her sister ship Crystal Bach. Not being left out is Crystal Mozart that also takes the same designs as the other river cruises.

Likely the only difference is in the type of crew you’ll find aboard, the route, and what meal options you’ll select.

That said, what should you expect from these other cruise ships?


All have four decks, and each deck features several lounges, shops, dining venues, and entertainment spots. However, Mozart appears older than her other siblings, but she still feels quite cozy and intimate.

 As far as accommodations go, guests stay in dual-person staterooms. Hence, they are amongst the best for couples.

All staterooms have air conditioning. Also, there’s a safe deposit box, internet access, flat-screen television, telephone, large windows providing river view access, and more.

These staterooms are on decks two and three. While they aren’t exactly small, they certainly give you an ample amount of privacy when enjoying your little piece of paradise.

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white and black ship on body of water
river cruise

Leisure Activities

One of the Crystal River Cruises’ main attractions is the huge sundecks. With such expansive sizes, the open-air decks give you plenty of space to stretch out and take

advantage of the beautiful views surrounding you. Here, you can lounge around in comfort and watch the world pass by.

You can enjoy various activities, including kiteboarding, banana boat rides, and more. There is hardly anything you won’t love doing while cruising along the Rhine, Danube, and Main’s rivers.

Food and Drink

In terms of cuisine, there are two restaurants on each ship. Each restaurant serves up mouthwatering dishes at affordable prices.

The first is a casual eatery that offers American fare such as burgers, steaks, chicken sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, and other tasty treats.

Next is an international restaurant. Here you can enjoy many dishes, including French specialties like crepes, pastries, soups, seafood, steak fries, and desserts.

That’s not all! You’ll find other meals like escargot, coq au vin, cassoulet, bouillabaisse, crêpe suzette, quiche Lorraine, and others.

Crystal Cruises are amongst the best cruise lines when it comes to food sourcing. If you’re looking for some Asian flavors or Italian exclusives, there is an array to pick from as well.

There are also several snack locations within the ships for those who prefer not to eat during their stay. Crystal River Cruises provide a variety of drinks and snacks ranging from appetizers to full meals.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the cafes available. Here, you get the perfect atmosphere to know your new friends more as you drink coffee, tea, smoothies, juices, light bites, and more.

Are Crystal River Cruises All Inclusive?

Crystal River Cruises has a dual fare policy. You can either choose to use the all-inclusive fare option or go with the cruise-only option.

The cruise-only option won’t provide you with everything but caters to a lot of things nevertheless. For instance, you get beverage supply, housekeeping gratuities, a personal butler, and dining personnel.

However, the cruise-only package doesn’t include port charges, cruise taxes, and air fees. Although you’ll pay separate airport charges with this option, the cruise offers you transportation to the ship and back to the airport.

However, if you decide to opt for the all-inclusive package, you’ll receive most of these amenities plus additional ones. For example, you’ll have an unlimited supply of drinks like specialty coffees, tea, soft drinks, and more.

Moreover, all-inclusive packages cater to cruise taxes and port charges. 

How Much Are Crystal River Cruises?

On average, you’ll spend around $600 a night per guest to get on a cruise by this line. However, their most affordable cruises cost roughly $500 a night per guest. On the other end, their priciest cruise goes at slightly over $2,000 a night per guest.

Cruise prices usually vary depending on the route taken, the number of days, ports of call, and which fare policy you select.


There are various rivers that Crystal River Cruises operate on, and of these, there are also several travel lengths. Aboard their vessels, you can cruise the Danube, Rhine, or Main Rivers.

For instance, below are examples of the best value Danube River cruises and how they differ in price based on routes.

  • Seven-night Budapest to Vilshofen cruise beginning $3,749
  • Seven-night Vienna to Budapest cruise beginning $4,499

Number Of Days and Departure Date

If you want to enjoy the entire trip, then you should consider booking a longer cruise. This way, you’ll be able to see many things.

However, as you’ll use more amenities, you’ll have to spend more. Sometimes, departure dates also affect your expenses.

For instance, below are Rhine River cruises on different dates, each lasting seven nights:

  • Amsterdam to Basel cruise from $3,899
  • Basel to Amsterdam cruise starting at $4,499
  • Amsterdam to Basel cruise from $3,899

Ports of Call

The more ports of call you have along the way, the more likely the price will be high.

Each destination has its own unique culture. Therefore, they require certain services such as food, entertainment, shopping, and more.

Each port also requires specific types of facilities and things that catch your eye. Often, cruise ships have alternate and optional cruises on some of the ports they visit.

So, depending on whether you’ll relax onboard or go on one of the cruises, your cost may change.

You need to make sure that you book a cruise that includes enough ports of call. Otherwise, you might spend too much money just to reach one particular place.

Lastly, picking the all-inclusive option means you’ll spend a bit more than the cruise-only option.

Frequently Asked Questions on Crystal River Cruises

Are Crystal River Cruises Still Operating?

Crystal River Cruises are still operating, although they canceled some of their tours due to the corona pandemic. Nonetheless, the cruise line resumed voyages in June 2021. Additionally, expeditions are ready for booking through to 2024.

How Many Passengers Are on Crystal Cruise Ships?

There are 106 passengers on Crystal Cruise ships at any given time. This number only applies to the river fleet as the ocean cruises are larger. Crystal Symphony holds 848 passengers, while Crystal Serenity is the biggest with a 980-guest capacity.

Is WIFI Free on Crystal Cruises?

Like most amenities provided, WIFI is not free on Crystal Cruises. However, the internet’s cost typically gets catered for with the initial costs of booking cruises. So, you won’t need to spend more on your online activity.

Are Shore Excursions Included on Crystal Cruises?

Shore excursions are included on Crystal Cruises. You can visit various towns like Budapest and Amsterdam and visit various interesting locations.

Cruising is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something relaxing during this difficult period. So, if you want to decide which ship to hop on, get on any.

The primary concern is which route you are using and how much you are paying. We hope our Crystal River Cruises reviews guide you to pick your best cruise.

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