Best Viking River Cruise

Best Viking River Cruise

Viking Cruise Line has almost 50 river cruises and the largest fleet of ships in Europe.

All the Viking River Cruises offer a great way to see the best European cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Florence, and many more.

Since the best viking river cruise has itineraries for day trips and overnight stays at various destinations along the rivers, guests can enjoy the time onboard with plenty of activities available.

The best Viking river cruise is the Grand European Tour. Also, the newest ship is Viking Gersemi.

You can get the best deal on Viking through special promotions such as “Book Now & Pay Later.” Even so, the average age on Viking River Cruise is between 45 and 65 years.

Which Viking River Cruise Is The Best?

1. 15-Day Grand European Tour 

The best Viking River cruise is the 15-Day Grand European Tour because it gives you a chance to see so much of Europe.

Some destinations include Amsterdam to Budapest, where you enjoy the beauty and history of this city. 

In addition, you can still visit Vienna for its culture and architecture, then head over to Prague.

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These are some of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can also take a river cruise from Paris to Venice or Rome.

Book the cruise through any travel agent. However, if you want to save some money, try booking early as prices go up when closer to your departure date. 

If you have never cruised previously, ensure you know what kind of ship you would like to sail on.

There are different ships, such as luxury liners, with many amenities, including swimming pools, spas, gyms, and saunas. 

Also, you have mid-size vessels with fewer facilities, small boats without air conditioning, and even motorboats.

2. Romantic Danube Viking Cruise

The romantic Danube is a 14 day Viking cruise from Regensburg to Budapest.

You pass through Passau, Krems, and Vienna on the way to your ultimate destination of Budapest. 

The itinerary includes visits to some beautiful cities, including Bratislava, Krakow, and Prague.

Plus, optional excursions are available such as rafting or kayaking along the Danube River. 

Note that the trip suits couples who want an intimate experience with their partner but still enjoy all that Europe offers.

The Viking cruise line uses the Viking Atla ship which offers guests onboard different cuisines, name recognition, and entertainment options.

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They have over 20 years of operating cruises around Europe making the company familiar with everything happening.

Even though this cruise ship has a great design for travelers, it lacks other amenities like the spa and fitness center, which makes me feel bored after a few days.

Overall, the cruise is perfect if you want some time away from home and explore the best parts of nature.

Booking the cruise is simple with plenty of travel sites available.

3. Danube Waltz Viking River Cruise

Danube Waltz cruise is a favorite for many cruisers. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and adventure, with plenty to see from Budapest to Passau. 

The Danube Waltz has been there for many years and offers guests an opportunity to experience some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Moreover, guests enjoy fine dining, award-winning wines, and exceptional service aboard one of the ships.

This is a seven-night itinerary on the Viking Embla. The Embla is a welcoming and bright ship that takes you through the heartland of Central Europe. 

Besides, the ship has large windows, balconies, comfortable seating areas, and lots of space to move around.

Thus, it is an excellent choice if you want to explore more than just your destination city. 

While on the deck, guests see panoramic views of the river valley below and the surrounding countryside.

The size capacity of this ship is 190 passengers, which means no crowding or feeling like there are too many people around you. 

The first stop is Vienna, where you have the option of exploring the capital on foot or taking public transportation. 

You’ll be able to visit Schonbrunn Palace, St. Stephen Cathedral, Belvedere Castle and much more.

The cruise dates vary so you must keep visiting the site to see changes and new bookings.

4. European Christmas Markets River Cruises

A better way to celebrate the Christmas holidays is through the European Christmas Markets River Cruises.

It is exceptional with the Viking river cruises because they have many activities and events that you can enjoy during your holiday. 

The best thing about this kind of cruise is that it allows you to experience different cultures, traditions, food, and get to know more people from other countries. 

You may not meet them if you stay at home, but when you go on vacation or travel abroad, you surely make new friends who share similar interests as yours.

Other than meeting people, you can tour places like the Wachau Valley, which has beautiful castles and towns like Melk, Krems, and St Polten.

Another place you should check out is Vienna, where there are many famous attractions such as Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Imperial Apartments, and Belvedere Castle. 

In addition, visit Stephansdom Cathedral, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Museumsquartier, and much more during your cruising.

Cruise to Russia from USA

The length of the itinerary is 8 to 15 days, depending on how long you want to stay for each destination.

If you only plan to spend three days per city, you need to book 2-3 nights accommodation. 

For example, if you choose Budapest, Prague, and Vienna, you must book four nights’ accommodation.

This means that you have enough time to explore all these cities having no problem finding accommodations.

There are different cruise ships for the cruise destinations. You can book the Viking Mani for seven-day cruising, or the 15-day cruise, where the Viking Skadi is perfect.

All the ships offer luxury cruising worth your investment.

Are you ready for Christmas celebrations? Get a cruise and make memories.

5. The Viking Mississippi Cruise

The Viking Mississippi Cruise is a new Viking cruise set for 2022.

It departs from New Orleans, Louisiana, and travels to the Gulf Coast of Texas before visiting Galveston Island in Houston. 

It spends two days exploring its historical sites. Besides, the ship then travels upriver through the heartland of America on the mighty river that gave birth to the nation’s most significant cities:

Vicksburg and Baton Rouge. We also have New Orleans, St Louis, Natchez and Memphis. 

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The cruise is a stunning and modern riverboat with an elegant interior design featuring rich wood paneling, warm colors, and beautiful artwork. 

Three restaurants are serving American cuisine, including one buffet restaurant and bars, lounges, shops, spa facilities, a casino, fitness center, children’s play area, and more!

The cruise length is 8-15 days. You have round-trip New Orleans departure dates available and the New Orleans to Memphis cruise time.

You can book directly through the company or use travel agents that specialize in cruises.

Guests access the Viking Inclusive Value Package, including all meals, drinks at specialty venues, entertainment programs, shore excursions,

gratuities, port charges, taxes, insurance, Wi-Fi service, daily housekeeping services, laundry/dry cleaning, and 24-hour room service.

 In addition, you have magnificent views of the city skyline while cruising down the river.

6. Waterways Of The Tsars Viking Cruise

According to the Viking river cruise reviews, the Waterways Of The Tsars Viking Cruise Itinerary begins from Moscow to St. Petersburg. 

It is a 13-day luxurious tour where guests experience the beauty of Russia’s waterways. Besides, they visit some of its most famous cities, including Saint-Petersburg, Stockholm & Helsinki. 

You enjoy onboard activities like sightseeing tours, lectures on Russian history, cooking classes, wine tasting, and xcursions, among others.

The Viking Ingvar ship takes you through the itinerary quickly, with comfort and safety as priorities. 

If you prefer more active trips, there’s also a choice between hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, diving, and other water sports. Still, there is a spa area available for relaxation and rejuvenation!

What’s more? You have quiet private rooms, which include your balcony, so you can take advantage of the beautiful views during the cruise. 

Regarding dining options, you’ll be spoilt for choices – whether you’re looking for fine cuisine or just something quick and convenient, they got it covered!

For example, the gourmet restaurant serves delicious meals made by professional chefs using only fresh ingredients. 

Or perhaps you’d rather try out some local dishes cooked up by the friendly crew members.

When you book early enough, you can get great discounts on this cruise! So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore Russia’s magnificent waterways aboard the Viking Ingvar Ship.

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Which Is The Newest Viking River Cruise Ship?

The latest Viking river cruise ship is the Viking Gersemi. It was launched in 2020 and has a capacity of 190 passengers. 

The ship has two restaurants onboard: one for buffet-style dining and another that serves American cuisine. Guests enjoy live entertainment every night on board this luxury ship.

The ship’s design includes many modern amenities, including LED lighting throughout the public areas, and high-speed internet access. What’s more? A flat-screen TVs among others. 

A highlight of the interior decor is the “Viking Room,” which offers panoramic views from its private balcony.

Another Best Viking River Cruise Ship 

Viking Tir

Viking Tir is a Viking river cruise under the Viking Line brand. It is popular with the Grand European tour cruising from Amsterdam to Budapest.

Nicknamed the “Norse god of heroic glory,” it has four decks. 

Some things passengers find remarkable on this cruise include the large rooms, the variety of dining options and entertainment venues.

Plus, the ship’s size allows for more time at the river than other ships in its class.

Notably, the ship is also eco-conscious and offers many green initiatives such as recycling bins, water-saving showers, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, and wind turbines.

I liked the cruise because there is an excursion at every port you visit where you can interact with local people and learn about their culture.

The staff is friendly. Moreover, they have lots of information available, including maps and brochures. 

There was plenty of free time during the day, so we could explore each city or just relax by the pool.

What I did not like is the absence of a spa, gym, and sauna facilities. We had no access to these facilities even though they were advertised. 

Finally, the cruise has plenty of public places to eat and drink, but if you want privacy, then your best bet would be to go into your room and enjoy the views privately.


How Do I Get The Best Deal On A Viking River Cruise?

You can get the best deal on a Viking river cruise by booking early. The earlier you book, the more likely your desired departure date is available.

Still, there are fewer other cruises to choose from at this time of year.

We recommend booking as soon as possible after deciding which ship you want to sail with the line or agent.

This way, the company is aware of the number of passengers needed for each sailing to plan accordingly.

You can also find an all-inclusive cruise that includes accommodation, meals, entertainment, and activities in one package price.

Luckily, these packages usually include flights too.

If you have a preference, these may not suit you, but if you’ve got some flexibility, we suggest checking them out first!

Also, you can ask questions about what is included in the cost when you make your reservation.

You might also consider asking for special offers such as free nights and upgrades. A Viking river cruise holiday offers many ways to save money.

You can also book late for discounts. Late deals often come up during busy periods like Christmas & Easter. It is good to be alert for last-minute bargains – especially around holidays.

If you’re planning to travel outside Europe, check the international pages for information on how much things cost. You can also check deals for Viking river cruises in Canada.

Furthermore, book the standard cabins since they offer better value than suites. Note that most people prefer to upgrade their cabin once onboard.

We strongly advise you to compare prices between agents and companies rather than comparing individual fares. You can still explore Viking Rhine river cruise reviews for more information.

However, some companies sell tickets without commissions, whereas others add a small fee per passenger. So, always look carefully at the terms and conditions of the fare you’ve chosen.

Finally, you can try going online. Many websites now allow customers to search for cheap river cruises.

What Is The Average Age On A Viking River Cruise?

Viking River Cruise passenger average age is 61 years old. The youngest passengers are two, and the oldest is 84.

Most people take their first trip at ages 30-39, but there’s no minimum or maximum age to travel. 

It is also good to ask for clarification before booking since different cruises have age activities that vary from ship to ship.

For example, some ships offer dinner while others do not.

Also, some ships may include excursions in which children can take part while others don’t.

It’s best to check what kind of activity options are included when booking so you know if they fit into your family’s schedule.

Are Viking Cruise Lines In Financial Trouble?

According to Forbes, there has been a sudden drop of 66% of the wealth of Viking owners because of the coronavirus pandemic. The article states, “Viking Cruises is one of several companies whose stock prices have fallen sharply since March 13th.”

It says that the company reported its first-quarter results recently, showing that Torstein Hagen’s wealth dropped from $6.28 billion to $2.1 billion. 

That was more than double what it had forecasted earlier. Still, this is the most significant loss ever for a Viking Cruise Line shareholder and one of the worst quarters in Viking’s history.

Is Viking All Inclusive?

Viking is all-inclusive, but there are a few things you should know before booking your trip. The first thing to note is that the price of an all-inclusive vacation includes everything except drinks and gratuities for staff members. 

If you want to add these items to your bill, they cost extra. It is essential to confirm everything included in the cruise fare with the travel agent or company representative when making reservations. 

Are Viking Cruises Being Canceled?

Vikings river cruises canceled the operations through May. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic and a lack of demand for them. The company canceled all the trips but resumed operations in July.

The first Viking Cruises cancellation was announced on March 16th, 2020. This was because they could not find enough passengers to fill up the ships. Still, the line had already started canceling some sailings in February.

If you are planning for a holiday, you need the best Viking river cruise. Everything on the cruise is designed to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

It has been proven that Viking cruises have become one of the most popular vacation choices among travelers worldwide.

If you’re looking for something different from what you usually do during holidays, consider taking a Viking River Cruise.

These ships sail along rivers or canals through beautiful landscapes while offering guests incredible views of nature and history.

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