Best Cruises for Couples on a Budget

Best Cruises for Couples on a Budget

A cruise is a great way to spend time with your significant other and enjoy an exotic location without breaking the bank.

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That sounds like a great deal, but there are so many cruise lines out there that it’s hard to choose one.

Which cruise line should you check with? We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of the best Cruises for couples on a budget.

You know exactly how busy life can be in the big city. Getting away from it all is often worth the hassle.

When you’re able to save some cash on your travel expenses, it’s a win/win!

Of course, not all cruises are the same price. Some cruise lines offer more amenities than others.

But if you’re willing to sacrifice a few luxuries in exchange for a cheap cruise, you can save a bundle in the long run.

You can still get a great deal on your vacation if you don’t want to spend top dollar.

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Here are some of the best budget-friendly cruise lines out there that will let you save money while enjoying a tropical paradise.

Best Cruises for Couples on a Budget

Some people still might not believe it: whether it’s possible to have a great holiday without spending too much money. But the truth is -it is possible!

With careful planning, the right destination, and a good cruise, this can be achievable.

There are many affordable cruises for couples on a budget. But it is important to know which ships offer such advantages and what deals they have in store for you.

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Let’s check them out.

a) Best Cruise Lines for Honeymoon While on a Budget

1. Love in the Caribbean – Royal Caribbean (Best Value)

It is the largest cruise operator in the world and offers fantastic honeymoon registry packages.

The Cruise Line will be looking after you from beginning to end, including a nice bottle of champagne on your balcony, towel-wrapped chocolate-dipped strawberries, a spa reservation, and so much more.

You’ll also receive an exclusive Love at Sea packet with really cool photo frames, a few games to play together (like an inside joke book).

This is just the beginning of this romantic cruise line’s special love-themed package.

Adult-only cruises offer great entertainment, fine dining, and a beautifully decorated honeymoon suite.

2. Tall Ships – Star Clippers (Tall Ships)

This line offers simple yet elegant ships that give you the feel of being at sea.

The cabin sizes are small but comfortable, with lovely wood paneling and brass accents.

Special cabins include private verandas which overlook the water. A captain will greet you on your first day while a gourmet chef prepares great-tasting meals every night in a lovely setting.

Most importantly – there are no hidden costs!

This Cuban Fantasy is a four-day cruise that takes place in the Caribbean and includes wonderful excursions like snorkeling, Stingray City, and a cigar tasting.

The food is delicious! They will serve you roasted chicken with autumn vegetables as well as Black Angus fillet steaks.

Evening entertainment consists of dancing under the stars to Latin rhythms. It’s an experience you will never forget!

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3. Unleash Your Inner Child – Princess Cruise Lines

The cruise ship’s name says it all. It’s a place where adults can have fun without worrying about the next destination or bill to pay.

For these budget-friendly cruises, there are games like Wii and Xbox, as well as water slides, rock climbing walls, and miniature golf courses.

You can even unleash your inner child by participating in some non-traditional activities such as zip lines and surfing classes.

This truly is one of the best vacation spots to blow off steam!

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b) Best Romantic Cruises for Couple While on a Budget

1. A Perfect Combination of Romance & Adventure – Princess Cruise Lines 

If you want both romance and adventure, this could be the perfect getaway for you! Unlimited food and drinks are served in an elegant setting conducive to conversation.

The ship hosts a nightly show which features both dancing and singing.

The best thing about this cruise is that it’s the right price for those who want romance without breaking the bank.

You’ll enjoy spectacular views of the well-maintained ships as you listen and dance to live music on deck.

You can even participate in some salsa dancing lessons or karaoke sessions! This just might be one of the best cruises for couples while on a budget.

2. Romantic Getaways under $400 – Carnival Cruise Lines 

If you’re looking for a low-cost getaway, Carnival Cruises offers deals so good that there aren’t any other options out there!

Couples can indulge in a wide variety of spa treatments, including massages and beauty packages.

Couples will also enjoy the ships’ nightclubs where they can dance for hours and show off their moves until the sun comes up.

There are many band performances as well as comedy shows. If you want to get away without spending a fortune, this is the cruise line for you!

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3. Special Romance Deals – Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean offers special romance deals that take your budget-friendly cruises from good to amazing.

You’ll be greeted with champagne on ice; later, an extravagant dinner with chocolate-dipped strawberries is prepared by one of the ship’s excellent chefs.

Take a lovely stroll hand in hand on the promenade deck. You can see the magical views of the scenery in comfort and style, as all chairs are covered with warm blankets.

Royal Caribbean will throw in a bottle of wine for two; you’ll also receive chocolates and a souvenir storybook to commemorate your special time together.

The cruise line’s shows include magic, dance numbers, and Broadway-inspired performances.

These budget cruises also include great excursions like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and exploring Mayan ruins.

c) Best Luxury Cruise Lines for Couple While on a Budget

1. Visit the Galapagos Islands – TUI Cruises 

Go on a cruise adventure like no other with TUI Cruises. You and your loved one will journey to the Galapagos Islands, where you can explore the wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin.

You’ll encounter Blue-footed Boobies, sea lions, and frigate birds.

After enjoying excursions such as snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking through lava fields to see Iguana’s sunning themselves, relax while being served sumptuous meals by waiters in tuxedos!

2. Spend Time at Sea – Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian has set sail with many great opportunities for couples looking for budget-friendly cruises.

Just imagine walking along the ship’s bustling promenade deck- while holding hands! You can listen to live music play as you watch the waves.

Don’t forget to visit a spa for a relaxing massage while you’re on board.

There are many different dining options ranging from steak houses like Prime C to fast food joints such as Noodle Bar and The Great Outdoors.

A great way to be social is by attending games like Trivia night, bingo, and Karaoke contests!

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3. His and Hers Spa Treatment – MSC Cruises

 If you want to add some luxury touches to your vacations, this is one of the best cruise lines to consider booking with.

Couples can enjoy great spa treatment, which they can share together. Each passenger gets his or her own cabin and bed if they prefer;

However, there are shared accommodations as well in case you want to save some money!

Entertainment-wise, couples will have something fun to do every night with comedians like Chris D’Elia and others.

d) Best Cruise Lines to Get Married On

1. Treat This as a Wedding Venue – Azamara Club Cruises

You’ll have the options to do things like get married on a cruise or treat this as a wedding venue in addition to being able to go on an excellent vacation.

They can plan a ceremony for you and your partner based on your preferences. There are great options for food and drinks, plus an open bar!

You’ll enjoy many other romantic activities, including visiting a resort with white sandy beaches, dining at restaurants that serve delicious meals along with living music, dancing, and shows just for couples only.  

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e) Best Cruise Lines for Couple on a Budget

1. Explore the World on a Budget – Carnival Cruise Lines

The newest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line is Inspiration.

There are many different activities for couples to enjoy including great dining experiences, shows, and superior service during this budget cruise.

This vessel has a water park with nine different kinds of fun water slides!

Couples will also find plenty of things to do at night, like playing bowling alleys, watching movies on the big screen, and enjoying karaoke parties. 

2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style – Princess Cruises

Every couple deserves a celebration every once in a while, even if it’s just for one day. Why not choose to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year together?

That is most definitely possible by booking a cruise with Princess Cruises.

They offer tons of amenities and activities, including amazing dining options, casinos, and spa services. Perfection!

Perfect For: Couples that are looking for an unforgettable experience on Valentine’s Day.

There is no better way to celebrate this day than on a beautiful cruise ship with your loved one.

Princess Cruises offers some of the best cruise options that you have ever seen, so make sure you check them out when booking your next vacation!

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Best Cruise Destinations for Couples on a Budget

Cruises have become trendy vacation options for couples.

This is because there are so many great destinations in the world that you can visit on a cruise, and they’re all budget-friendly!

If you’re looking to save some money while globetrotting the globe, then take a look at these five spots:

a) Alaska- Fall Wildly In Love

If you’re looking to have fun in a beautiful, serene atmosphere, then Alaska is the perfect place for you.

This stunning destination offers gorgeous scenery at every corner.

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Plus, there are lots of fun activities that you can partake in a while visiting this incredible place with your significant other!

b) The Bahamas – Feel the Rush of the Ocean

Speaking of gorgeous scenery, the Bahamas are another great place to visit.

You’ll have tons of fun exploring the endless number of activities offered at this beautiful location.

Plus, the warm weather makes this one great destination for your next vacation!

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c) Barbados – It’s Sun-Sational!

Want a beach vacation with your loved one without spending too much money? Then you might want to check out Barbados.

This stunning country offers some amazing deals on cruises that will leave you and your significant other feeling like royalty!

d) St Barths – The Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re looking for a little of both worlds, then there’s no better place than St Barths!

This island is known for its booming nightlife as well as its breathtakingly gorgeous beaches.

You’ll be able to get the best of both worlds by visiting this incredible place with your significant other!

e) The Caribbean – It’s Just Not a Holiday without the Sun

The Caribbean is another great place to visit as a couple.

You’ll be able to make tons of memories that will last a lifetime while visiting this beautiful place with your loved one. Plus, the sun doesn’t get any better than in the Caribbean!

In addition to these incredible destinations, there are many other unique places that you can visit on a cruise.

If you’re looking for an affordable vacation with your significant other, then look no further than cruises!

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How to Find the Best Cruise for Couples on a Budget

With so many cruise lines out there, finding the right ship for you can be challenging, especially if you are on a tight budget!

However, if you take your time, you will most definitely find something that fits your budget.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best deal for that romantic cruise you have been dreaming about!

a) Do Your Research (Due Diligence)

The Internet has everything you could possibly want to know about cruising at your fingertips, especially if it’s regarding potential savings!

Perform some research and read reviews from past cruisers who have been in similar situations.

A few hours spent looking into various cruisers out there will do wonders for your decision-making process, and you could even find yourself saving some money in the end!

b) Check the Extras:

Read the fine print, and you may find some hidden costs that will jack up your price.

Don’t stop reading a cruise line’s brochure until you’ve seen everything and double-checked each cost! 

c) Consider Your Dates:

You might need to sacrifice an extra day or two on land if it means saving money on the actual cruise itself. Is this something that you can handle?

It could very well be worth it in the end for all of the extras you are getting at such a discount.

d) Check Out Land Packages:

If you know that your destination is part of an expensive disembarkation package, consider booking an additional night or two at a hotel near your port of departure.

This way, you’ll only have to pay for a single hotel stay, thereby reducing your overall cruise expenses.

e) Check Passport Restrictions:

Make sure that you’ve got all the documents needed to board before paying for any of your trips.

If you need a passport, arrange this as soon as possible.

Also, check if there are any countries on your itinerary where vaccinations are required, or other specific procedures must be followed prior to travel.

These can be time-consuming and costly ventures, so plan accordingly.

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f) Food is one of the Biggest “Hidden” Costs: –  

If you are on cruising with unlimited dining options (which means that no matter how much food you eat or drink, it’s included), this can be one of the sweetest deals around.

However, not every cruise offers this great deal. Another thing to keep an eye on is what happens if one party member doesn’t like seafood?

What happens if he/she wants to order a steak each night rather than shellfish or fish? Some smaller ships have dining restrictions based on these kinds of issues.

g) Check out Cruise Line Promotions:

If you plan to book a cruise, take advantage of free offers from different lines.

This will save money and almost always comes with additional perks such as extra spending cash or onboard credits!

h) Stay Away From Alcohol:

Most cruisers know that alcohol is exceptionally pricey on cruises.

In addition to having an impact on your wallet, it can also have an adverse effect on the way you feel (and therefore act) while in port.

It is often better to avoid drinking at all costs for this reason alone.

i) Check Out “Cheap” Cruise Lines:

While it may seem like a given, not everyone takes time out from their busy schedule to do research regarding the various rates and costs of cruisers on the market.

You could end up spending twice as much money than you need to in order to have an enjoyable experience because you simply didn’t take the time to do so.

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Final Thoughts about Budget-friendly Cruises

If you’ve never gone on a cruise, then you’re missing out!

They’re some of the most memorable experiences in the world and can help you bond even closer with your significant other.

Especially if you choose one of these best cruises for couples on a budget, they offer more bang for your buck than any other kind of vacation.

You’ll have so much fun together and will love exploring unique places that many people don’t get to see during their lifetimes!

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