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Best Cruise for Teenager

Best Cruise for Teenager

Choosing a cruise for your teenager can be tricky. Teens are notoriously picky and indecisive – not to mention they’re growing at an alarming rate with new food preferences, likes, and dislikes.

They change on an hourly basis! But don’t worry; here’s a low down on what you need to know when picking out that best Cruise for Teenager.

For parents looking to please their teenagers who have come of age, the best cruises for teenagers are ones that offer teens their own space and amenities.

Teens today crave independence more than ever before, but they still need some guidance from adults now and then.

Some of today’s best cruises for teenagers offer more than just sunbathing opportunities or dancing lessons:

They include sit-down restaurants where parents can dine. At the same time, their teens enjoy dinner in large casual dining areas without them (as well as tamer clubs).

Let’s Take A Look At What Makes These Vessels “Teen-Friendly.”

Cruise lines have slowly recognized the change in how young people view vacations as well as their needs while traveling.

The result is an increasing number of options for cruise line companies catering specifically to teenagers who want access to adult-free spaces like spas, clubs with late-night hours, and nightly dance parties.

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Cruise lines offer tween-centric and older teenager-only clubs that allow for separation from younger teens who might be too young or just too rowdy.

The former can include things like arcade games, movie nights, dance parties, and play areas, while the latter may focus more on surfing lessons, karaoke bars, and nightclubs with live DJs. 

Some even have tamer clubs like discos and lounges as well as beach volleyball tournaments at sea or laser tag on shore excursions, so there’s no shortage of fun during those long days spent sailing away.

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Tips of How to Choose  the Best Cruise for Teenager

The following tips will help parents find the perfect cruise ships for their teens.

  • First, assess your child by evaluating his or her personality.
  • Second, find out what your child wants to do during the voyage – make sure they have ample time to do so!
  • Third, choose a destination that matches all of their needs and desires.

So when you’re looking for the best cruises for teenagers, start by checking out these top picks:

Best Cruise for Teenager

Every teenager deserves to have an amazing vacation, and cruising provides some incredible options.

One of the most exciting things about cruise ships is that they are family-friendly, meaning there’s always something happening on board that will keep any 18-year old entertained while you get time away from them too!

Here are the best cruise lines for teenagers with activities specifically designed for teens…

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1. Royal Caribbean International- Teen Friendly, Fun Activities

Many teenagers dream of going on a cruise, and Royal Caribbean International offers an abundance of fun experiences for them to enjoy.

One thing that makes this line the best cruise for 18-year-olds is the broad range of activities they offer both young and old teens:

Teens as young as twelve years old can have just as much fun onboard one of their ships!

The ship has tons of things teenagers will love, like ice skating shows, teen clubs with live DJs playing music every night from 11 pm-midnight, rock climbing walls, and water slides at each pool.

Plus, there are plenty more activities such as mini-golf or basketball court time – the choices are endless!

Another reason why RCI cruises make sense for teens: They’re very family-friendly. There’s always something happening onboard to keep young cruises entertained,

plus parents can get away from the kids for a bit and enjoy some time to themselves.

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2. Viking Sea Cruise  – Perfect For Shore Excursions

The Viking Sea is an excellent choice for teens who want to experience the culture and history of Scandinavia.

This cruise offers shore excursions in Norway, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, or Finland that include visits to museums and cultural centers as well as learning about these countries’ customs on board while cruising through their beautiful waters.

The Viking Sea cruise also has a variety of daytime and nighttime entertainment, including lectures on the history or culture of each shore excursion destination.

There are also nightly performances in which guests can watch all kinds of things from traditional folk dancing to classical music concerts that will be sure to please your teenagers.

If you’re looking for an immersive experience during your family vacation, the Viking Cruise is one way to make it happen!

3. Holland America Line – Lots Of Exciting Events Onboard

If you’re looking for a cruise line that offers the best safety and security, Holland America Line should be your first choice.

The ship has many features specifically designed to keep teens entertained with exciting group activities or opportunities to meet other kids their age!

From mini-golf tournaments on deck 18’s oasis course to basketball court time in front of the sports dome – there are plenty of ways for everyone onboard this ship to have fun without mom and dad needing to worry about them.

Besides: There is also an entire teen club where they can hang out together during those times when parents want some free time away from their children.

The staff members who work at Club HAL tend to speak more English than other staff onboard, making it easier if your teen doesn’t speak Dutch or German.

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4. Disney Cruise Line – Great Adventures Awaiting

If you want your teenage child to have the time of their life and an experience that they’ll never forget, a Disney Cruise for teenagers will do just the trick.

There’s plenty for teens activities onboard this cruise line:

from arcade games in Pearly Whites (an area where kids can play all day long!) to going swimming with dolphins at Castaway Cay or watching live music performances – it doesn’t get more fun than that!

Plus, there is always something planned for teenagers, such as “Teen Power Hour,” which includes activities like dance parties and karaoke sessions every evening, so no one onboard feels left out.

Teens can also get their fill of fun and adventure no matter what they like to do. From scuba diving in Australia or taking part in the “included with your fare” Adventure Plus program,

which includes snorkeling, bungee jumping, and more – not to mention all the onboard entertainment! It’s a cruise line that has something for everyone.

Additionally, Disney Cruises for teenagers offers some great excursions ashore, such as white water rafting at Emerald Falls

Imagine meeting characters up close at Disneyland Paris. They really make it easy for you if you’re trying to plan an unforgettable vacation experience!

5. Costa Cruises – Affordable And Teen-Friendly Choices Abound

If you’re looking for the best cruises for 18-year-olds without parents,  – Costa Cruises are the way to go!

Cruising with this Italian based company is perfect if you’re looking to save some money and still have an unforgettable time, as there are many affordable options onboard

They also offer teen-friendly activities like ‘Teen Time’ where kids will enjoy things like dance parties or watch films together while parents can go shopping without them!

The ship has many bars and clubs on nearly every floor, so there’s always something going on.

The entertainment onboard makes it easy for teens to meet like-minded people their age with activities such as laser tag or meeting new friends by taking part in dance classes together.

Additionally, the ship has many areas designated for teens, including private balconies near the Teens World Super Fun area, so they can come back and relax after a long day at sea.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your teen’s safety either, as Costa Cruises has some of the best security onboard any cruise line in Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions on teenage cruising

What Are Some Fun Activities That Teens Can Do On Cruises?

Many different things! From group games like foosball and air hockey to swimming with dolphins at Castaway Cay, there’s always something going on onboard a cruise ship.

There’s also lots of entertainment available such as dance parties and karaoke sessions – plus you’ll find plenty of other teens your age too!

Can I Take My Teen On A Cruise Without Their Parents?

Yes! There are cruises specifically catering to 18-year-olds who want to enjoy the holiday season by themselves.

Holland America Line is one good example with all-inclusive prices and a number of activities for young people from different cultures, languages, and countries.

Do I Need A Passport If I’m Traveling To Europe From The US?

You will need an ID (typically a driver’s license) but not necessarily a passport depending on where in Europe you’re planning to visit. Keep in mind that you will also need a visa in advance if you’re visiting any country within the Schengen zone.

Final Thoughts on Teenagers’ Cruises

As you can tell, there are a lot of great options out there when it comes to picking the best Cruise for Teenager.

So many factors go into choosing which one is right for your teenage child that it’s hard to know where to start.

But hopefully, this article has given you some insight into what makes each company so unique and helped point you in the direction of finding an option that will suit everyone involved (including mom and dad). Happy cruising!

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