Best Cruise for Dancing

Best Cruise for Dancing

Are you a dancing freak? Do you love dancing? If your idea for an exciting vacation is dancing, then dancing cruises may be the perfect option for you.

Dance cruises offer all kinds of entertainment with music from every era and style – meaning you’re sure to find some tunes which will suit even the most particular taste.

Depending on what kind of dance experience you prefer, there’s always something available.

Whether it’s ballroom, disco, or Latin dancing lessons accompanied by live bands or simply watching professional dancers perform in a club-style setting.

With so many choices out there, choosing the best cruise for dancing can feel like quite a daunting task, but luckily, below is a compilation of the top five cruises for dancing!

The Best Cruise for Dancing

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to finding the best cruise for dancing. Let’s have a look at the top five cruises for dancing:

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1. Norwegian Breakaway – Norwegian Cruise Line

Dance your way around the Caribbean onboard The Norwegian Breakaway –  touted to be one the best cruises for dancing as it offers a wide variety of dance options.

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The ship even offers a Dance Club that features live DJs and professional dancers who put on daily performances throughout the week!

The nightclub-style party atmosphere is perfect for those looking to take their love of music with them while they travel, so if you are searching for an awesome place to bust some moves, look no further than this ship!

This boat will be sure to give everyone aboard plenty of opportunities, regardless of what kind or level of dancer they happen to be.

One caveat: Make sure you know how to dance before you get onboard.

The boat offers many opportunities for lessons and dancing, but if you don’t have experience, it might be difficult to keep up with the rest of your cruise mates (unless they also happen to be beginners).

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2. The Queen Mary -Cunard Cruise Line

If you’re looking for the best cruise for dancing that offers the most in terms of live music and dancing, then The Queen Mary is your best option.

The boat’s seven bands will be performing every night, playing everything from jazz to rock-n-roll and all kinds of dance hall favorites – meaning there’s no chance you’ll go home without breaking out at least one move!

There are also onboard fitness instructors who offer Latin Dance classes as well as Ballroom Dancing lessons.

So even those who have never picked up their feet before may find themselves shaking it alongside everyone else by the end of The Queens‘ maiden voyage.

This ship features some pretty iconic entertainment options, including its Broadway-style shows such as Moulin Rouge and The Brit’s isles, and those who are looking for a cruise that has it all will find what they’re looking for on The Queen Mary.

3. Disney Dream – The Disney Cruise Line

Who says dancing has to be reserved for the night? The Disney Dream offers a wide variety of daytime dances which means you can make this ship your home base whether it’s day or night.

The boat features a Broadway-style show called “Fantasmic!” which includes huge dance numbers and live music – meaning any dancer would be lucky to spend some time onboard this ship!

There are also plenty of classes for those looking for lessons as well.

But if you’re not looking to break out your best moves in front of others, then The Walt Disney World Resort offers many opportunities for fun on land too.

Especially at night where they host star-studded performances such as Dancing With The Stars Live and Blue Man Group.

If you want an experience like none other than The Disney Cruise Line, ships should most definitely be your first stop; even non-dancers will find themselves foot-tapping their way through The Disney Dream’s concerts.

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4. Carnival Splendor – Carnival Cruises Lines

This cruise has it all for dancers of every level, from beginner to professional.

The boat offers various dance classes and lessons, including those led by some pretty well-known names such as The Jabbawockeez Crews – the world’s only true hip-hop dance group!

But if you’re looking for something more than just lessons, then The Carnival Splendor is also home to one of the most iconic dance clubs in America:

The Cellar, complete with a state-of-the-art sound system and lights that will have your body shaking before you know what hit you!

If dancing isn’t enough, they also offer games like Bingo which are perfect for busting out those moves while trying not to get caught up on technicalities.

The boat also features a Las Vegas-style casino which will be sure to give everyone aboard plenty of opportunities, regardless of what kind or level of dancer they happen to be.

The Carnival Splendor is most definitely the best cruise for dancing, and with time you’ll find out why!

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5. Radiance of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International

The Radiance of The Seas is home to some pretty famous performers and dancers, including The Amazing Johnathan – a magician who also happens to be one heck of a dancer!

 The boat’s “Salsa Club,” complete with Latin music and lessons, is the perfect place to practice your moves before you show them off at one of their evening parties or daytime dances in The Atrium – which features live entertainment every single day!

There are also fun activities like The Hokey Pokey that will have everyone shaking their hips while laughing their way through it; if dancing isn’t enough, then RCI Radiance has plenty more chances to get up on your feet too.

Dance your way around The Radiance of The Seas, and be sure you don’t miss out on what might be one of the best cruise lines for ballroom dancing in North America!

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How Can I Find Out What Cruise Is Best For Me?

To find the perfect cruise for you, it’s important to think about what kind of dancer you are. The best way is to ask yourself:

“What type of dance do I want?” This will help narrow down your options and make the search process a whole lot easier; then, all that’s left is looking up reviews and comparing prices!

If there isn’t an option listed above that seems like it fits with your level or style, then be sure to check out sites that offer boat comparisons to find one suited just for you before booking!

What Should I Wear To A Dance Club On My Vacation?

 You want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and not too tight or bulky, so they don’t interfere with your movements;

Some ideas would be jeans and an oversized shirt or something like running tights paired with a cute top! Keep in mind that clubs can get pretty hot, so it’s always good to have a water bottle nearby too.

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Final Thought on Dancing Cruises

Many types of boats offer different dancing styles, but one thing remains constant: all the best cruises for dancing have something worth shaking a leg to!

It doesn’t matter what type of dance you’re into or where you are located- there truly is no shortage of cruises for those looking for an experience full of dancing fun!

Whether you like Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, The Foxtrot, or The Hokey Pokey – there is a ship that will suit your needs.

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