Best Cruise for British Isles

Best Cruise for British Isles

Planning a cruise around the British Isles? You’re in for an incredible adventure! British Isles cruises are a great way to explore the history and beauty of this enchanting region!

From iconic landscapes like the dramatic white cliffs in Dover’s to the legendary monuments of Stonehenge – there’s so much to discover.

Explore some of the most breath-taking sites on planet Earth while discovering first-hand why an expedition across Britain’s sea lanes has been one of life’s greatest adventures since time immemorial.

Treat yourself with refreshing fish & chips before taking off from Southampton or Glasgow, as you prepare for your voyage across these beautiful islands:

A journey which will take you through dramatic cliffs, rolling green hillsides dotted by sheep grazing peacefully (alongside cows doing their Scottish thing), picturesque villages, and buzzing cities.

And if all that exploring is just too much, take a break with some time travel.

You can visit ancient castles or even journey back to the Medieval period for an action-packed day of castle hopping!

With tons of options ranging from short breaks with various activities designed for families (younger kids can even try their hand at sailing!) to longer tours covering areas like Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or England.

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There is something for everyone! Please browse through the selection below to find out more about the Best cruise for British isles and what they offer!

Best Cruise For British Isles

The British Isles offer so much in terms of culture, wildlife, and history that it would be hard not to find something fascinating wherever your itinerary takes you.

Here are the 5 Best cruises for British isles that will give you an experience like no other!

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1. Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth  (Cunard Cruises)

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth is a Celebrity-class ship with an expansive outdoor deck, plus your very own pub on board!

Explore the British Isles in style by visiting iconic landmarks like Stonehenge and the famous white cliffs of Dover.

There are 13 amazing tours to choose from when taking this voyage across Britain’s seas.

You can visit places like Scotland or Ireland all while exploring historic sites, tiny fishing villages.

Relax for a day at sea as you sail past some of these countries’ most dramatic coastline (and don’t forget that vegan buffet!).- You’ll never want to leave!

2. British Discovery Cruise  

The Grand British Isle Discovery Cruise  offers various tours that will take you to the best sites in Scotland and England.

Explore some of Britain’s most famous cities, such as York, Oxford, or Bath – all while relaxing onboard your cruise ship!

You can choose between an exciting five-night cruise with stops in Liverpool and Dublin to a much longer 27-day tour!

Don’t forget the fish & chips waiting for your arrival back at Southampton!

You can also visit Stonehenge before heading back for a scenic sailing along the south coast and finishing off with fish & chips at Southampton pier!

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3. The New England (Norwegian Cruise Line)

For those looking for a bit of an adventure, the New England cruise line offers small ship cruises around the British Isles and has some great destinations.

Take in beautiful cities such as Edinburgh or York while enjoying Norwegian’s world-famous cuisine onboard their small ships!

They also have cruises available with stops at historic ports like St Malo or Bruges – perfect if you’re looking to explore France from afar.

Plus there is plenty more: Dublin, Liverpool, Glasgow and Derry (you can even take a day trip to Belfast)!

4. Viking Sea (Viking Ocean Cruises)

Viking Ocean Cruises offers a variety of itineraries for the British Isles and has some fantastic options.

Those interested in Scotland will love Viking’s Northern Lights & Highlands Cruise;

Those interested in Wales can enjoy their Celtic Legacy Cruise, while Ireland is well-covered with cruises such as The Emerald Isle Express.

You’ll also find great offerings from Viking that take you on tours around England or all across Britain! 

Plus there’s plenty of other destinations like France, Holland, Denmark or Norway if you’re feeling adventurous!

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5. The Adventure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International)

When it comes to families, then the Royal Caribbean top among the best British isles cruise for families.

With plenty of cruise options to choose from that range in length and destination – all with a variety of activities including world-class entertainment or cooking classes onboard, there’s something here for everyone!

The Adventure Of The Seas is perfect if you want to explore some more remote areas in Britain, such as Ireland or Northern Scotland.

You’ll find yourself discovering historic sites like the Cliffs of Moher and also get up close and personal with dolphins while exploring their natural habitat just offshore!

This trip will make memories that last forever because when it comes down to it: this tour has everything needed for an unforgettable experience.

6. Queen Victoria Cruise (Cunard Cruise Line)

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Queen Victoria Cruise offers the best cruise for British isles that are of great value.

You can take the cheapest tour on board this best cruise line of the year, which takes in Ireland and Wales before returning to Southampton – it’s perfect if you want to try out different options!

Alternatively, visit some of Britain’s best cities with their best-loved tours: tailor-made from London or an all-over Britain itinerary.

You’ll also find cruises including Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia on offer. Don’t forget they have boats departing every day from Southampton – it’s never been easier to see these countries close up!

How to Pay for a Cruise in Installments

How to Find the Best Deals on A Cruise For British Isles

Cruises are a great way to see the British Isles, but they don’t come cheap.

If you’re thinking of booking one for your next holiday, then there are some handy tips and tricks that can help you find the best deal on cruises in Britain!

a) Comparing Cruise Prices

it is worth comparing different price packages from other cruise lines. You never know you might find some fantastic deals.

b) Beware of Hidden Costs

It’s also worth noting that if you want facilities like a room with its own bathroom, air conditioning, or even an onboard casino, then all these come at extra cost.

It can be challenging to find out how much this is going to set you back.

c) Booking Early Gives You More Choices

Most cruise companies release their deals months ahead of time, meaning more options are available when booking early.

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Questions To Ask Your Travel Agent Before Booking A Cruise For The British Isles

There are some essential questions to ask before booking your next cruise, especially if this will be the first time you’ve done so:

  • What is included in my package?
  • How far ahead should I book?
  • What safety measures are there on the ship?
  • How much should I expect to spend when we arrive at our destination?
  • What kind of cruise suits me best?

Answering the above question will keep your mind at ease and help you decide which cruise line to book with.

Final Thought on Cruising to the British Isles

When it comes to the best Cruise for British Isles, there’s plenty of options! 

Whether you want a cruise on the best luxury cruise lines around or something a little more adventurous – you’ll find something that suits your desires.

Just be sure to keep these questions in mind before booking your next cruise for the British Isles so that you can relax and know you’re making the best decision possible.

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