Best Balcony Cabins on Cruise Ships

Best Balcony Cabins on Cruise Ships

With so many cabins on cruise ships to choose from, It can be hard to pick the best cabin when you have so many options.

The best way to find out which one is right for you is by looking at the price, location, and cabin type.

If your idea of a great vacation includes plenty of time outside enjoying the beauty surrounding you, then a balcony or ocean view room might just be a perfect fit for you.

These types of rooms offer some natural light as well as access to outdoor spaces such as decks and balconies.

Guests often enjoy watching sunsets and gazing across vast stretches of pristine ocean water while sipping drinks from their in-room mini-bar!

If this sounds like an ideal scenario for you, then read on to discover more about the best balcony cabins on different cruise ships and what they offer.

Best Balcony Cabins on Cruise Ships

Why Are Balcony Cabins  Popular Compared To Others

There are many types of accommodations available to book when traveling by ship.

Some being more popular than others because of their convenience and amenities they offer guests who want to have a truly unforgettable experience.

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Balcony cabins are among the most popular cabins as they offer guests a more special and  unique experience.

They provide breathtaking views and often include magnificent balconies where guests can sit back, relax and have drinks from their in-room mini-bar.

Plus they can  watch the sunsets or gaze across vast sawths beautiful waves rocking the ship gently!

These spectacular vistas may also be enjoyed while sitting at a table for two inside the cabin’s spacious living area.

You’ll feel like royalty spending time just relaxing indoors after taking in all that nature has to offer outside your window!

Other Benefits Of Balcony Cabins

In addition to phenomenal scenery, balcony cabins have other benefits too: They include –

  • One of the best features of balcony cabins is that guests are provided with a little more space than in regular inside cabins, and they often come with whirlpool bathtubs as well!
  • In addition to being able to enjoy the  natural while seated at your cabin’s dining table, you also have access to sofa beds. These can be used by kids or adults when needed, so you don’t need an extra (third) bed for every person traveling together on vacation. 
  • Balcony cabins are a perfect fit for singles who love their own personal space,and don’t like sharing their quarters with someone else.
  • They’re usually less expensive compared to other suites or penthouses
  • The best balcony cabins on cruise ships are typically about the size of typical hotel rooms: big enough to accommodate two people comfortably yet not so large that you get lost or feel like you’re missing out by being confined indoors!
  • In addition to these spacious accommodations, each cabin also generally includes a private bathroom with a shower/bath combo, amenities, and a mini-bar where guests can store their favorite drinks from onboard bars.

How To Choose Cabins In A Cruise Ship?

Cabins are an essential part of your cruise vacation, and the decision about which cabin to choose can be difficult.

There is no one right answer for choosing a particular cabin, but there are many factors you might want to consider when making this choice:

  • What’s most important to you – space or location on ship?
  • Do you prefer privacy or proximity to other passengers?
  • Would you like views from your window?
  • How much additional expense will each option entail?”
  • Do I want an inside room? Inside cabins have large windows that offer beautiful views but lack privacy and the natural light of a balcony.
  • Do I want to be near the front or back of the ship?
  • How many people will need accommodations? Inside cabins are perfect for solo travelers and couples, while larger rooms with balconies offer more space for families. If you’re traveling in large groups and have lots of luggage, then one big cabin with multiple beds might work best.

It all depends on what suits you.

7 Best Balcony Cabins On Cruise Ships

Cabana Deck – Carnival Cruise Line

This is one of the best balcony cabins on any ship because it offers guests the chance to have an exclusive experience.

Located in a completely enclosed area, these staterooms provide visitors privacy and enough space to enjoy their stay without feeling hemmed in or cramped.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s access to indoor areas such as restaurants overlooking deck views where passengers can relax with friends while enjoying ocean breezes from the verandahs outside!

From different reviews, you will discover that those how have used the Carvivals Cabana Deck cabins are full of praise.

Honeymoon Suite – Norwegian Cruise Line

You deserve something special if it’s your honeymoon, right? Well, then the honeymoon cabins on the Norwegian cruise are ideal for a Byronic getaway.

Honeymoon suites offer more than just an amazing view – there is no expense spared on the decor and furnishings as well!

Designed to make you feel like royalty, these cabins come with special amenities that will allow you to enjoy your time alone together in luxury.

Balcony Stateroom – Royal Caribbean International

The balconies cabins on Royal Caribbean ships are well-positioned to provide the best views of both the ocean and sky, so guests can enjoy taking a break from their room on board.

Located away from public spaces such as pools, restaurants, casinos, and bars, it’s easy for visitors who want peace and quiet during their stay to fall in love with thses cabins!

Grand Suite – Carnival Cruise Line

The Grand Suites offered by Carnival allow passengers an exclusive experience that is comparable with some of the most luxurious suites you might see anywhere.

The best thing about these staterooms is that they offer more than just a balcony.

There’s also access to other private balconies which overlook either deck or ocean views, depending on how the ship is docked.

Aqua Class – Celebrity Cruises

The Aqua class offered by Celebrity has more than simply a balcony; the cabins also provide a private access terrace!

You can enjoy the peace and quiet of your own space while still being able to experience all that life outside has to offer on your cruise.

The best part? This opportunity will cost you less per night than staying in an inside cabin with no view at all!

These staterooms are among some of the finest cabins available, making them well worth any money spent for this incredible suite option.

Veranda Suite – Holland America Line

Holland America offers its guests access to some of the best views compared to any cruise ship today.

These staterooms provide balconies that extend across nearly half of one side of the room, giving guests a panoramic experience they won’t soon forget.

Guests can choose between two potential layouts depending on how much privacy they want from other people during their stay: the full veranda suite or a veranda balcony.

Panorama Suite – MSC Cruises

Touted as the best suites on any cruise ship today, the Panorama Suites offer guests an unparalleled experience that is sure to leave them feeling relaxed and refreshed.

With floor-to-ceiling windows in every direction, these cabins are much larger than other options, which gives you more privacy.

However, this might not be a suitable choice if you do not enjoy being surrounded by water at all times of the day.

Having looked at some of the best balconies on several cruise ships, let’s look at which cruise ship cabins to Avoid.

Cruise Ship Cabins To Avoid

Cabins With No Privacy (Royal Princess and Regal Princess)

A view is always beautiful, but some cabins provide less privacy than others.

For example, those overlooking a promenade deck on “Regal Princess” can be as good as open to the outside no matter how much they close your curtains.

Passengers have cautioned against booking the mini-cabins under the SeaWalk on Royal Princess and Regal Princess and suites overlooking the Boardwalk area on Oasis-class ships.  -” you have to keep your curtains drawn all the time one was quoted saying”

Cabins With Obstructed Views (All Cruise Line)

Cabins with obstructed views can make your vacation very uncomfortable and boring – if something interesting happens in port or at sea (a whale sighting, for example), your view will be blocked!

This means there won’t be anything really entertaining happening outside your window.

If you are looking to avoid cabins with obstructed views, then we recommend avoiding lower decks in general, especially those located near the back of the ship.

Cabins Close To Public Spaces: (All Cruise Lines)

Cabins close to public spaces such as the casino, theater, or restaurants will defiantly mean loud noise with no sleep.

Cabins near elevators and stairways may also prove too noisy for your need -Imagine kids running up and down the staircase!

unless you ok with the noise, this is one thing that should be made clear when making a booking

Cabins That Aren’t Adequately Ventilated (Harmony of the Seas)

Cabins that aren’t adequately ventilated may be something to avoid, especially on the “Harmony of the Sea”(Royal Caribbean Cruise ship).

Cabins with no air conditioning or poor ventilation can make for an uncomfortable stay, leaving guests feeling stuffy and sweaty throughout their vacation.

Guarantee Cabins (All Cruise Lines)

Even though they are very affordable, guarantee cabins may not be worth it if you want to have any control over where your cabin is.

Yes, you will be assigned any cabin within your ticket grade, but you will have no assurance of where your cabin is located.

Since cabins near public venues are less popular there is a high chance your cabin will be here.

Cabins On Very Low Decks (All Crusie Lines)

Other cabins to avoid  are cabins located on the lowest deck. Cabins here will be subject to a lot of noise from the engine and the anchor.

Therefore if you wish to avoid engine rumbles and the noise of the anchor as it is being hauled, avoid booking a stateroom on any of the very low decks, especially near the back.

Cabins on the lower decks are also not suitable for people with mobility issues – it can be challenging carrying your luggage when getting in or out.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which Deck Is The Best On A Cruise Ship?

The main deck is usually the best choice for most staterooms, with a few exceptions. Cabins on this level are larger and have more windows than those in other decks.

The best cabins on a cruise ship are usually not on the lower decks or closer to the engines.

Cabins in the middle of the vessel above deck 11 will have less noise compared to cabins on the lower deck.

A good middle deck to pick would be one in the mid-section of the ship. Cabins on these decks are not too near the engine room.

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You can quickly move in or out with your luggage. Cabins further up are also quieter, but they don’t provide access to the dining room.

Sailing Cabins On The Upper Levels – Good or Bad Choice?       

Cabins located on upper levels of cruise ships may not be ideal for people who want to avoid public spaces- you will hear noise from bars and restaurants that can travel up through corridors all day long.

These cabins also don’t come with balconies as lower decks do, so getting fresh air when your room gets stuffy would be difficult.

However, if you’re looking to stay away from crowds and late-night parties, upper-level decks cabins are your best choice any time!

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More than anything, balcony rooms on cruise ships are popular because they provide a scenic view from your room.

However, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet to relax during the daytime or just want to avoid public spaces like bars and restaurants, the upper levels of cabins may not be for you!

Now that you know about all the different types of balconies available- make sure to do your research before booking so you can get exactly what kind of cabin experience suits your needs best!

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