Atlantis Gay Cruises Reviews

Atlantis Gay Cruises Reviews

For an idea that sprouted from a small group of friends traveling in Mexico, Atlantis has really come into its own.

For the last thirty years, the resort has brought hundreds of thousands of people together, sailed the largest, newest, and most magnificent ships in the world,

and offered more than 180 vacations around the world. It is the ultimate place to begin a cruise, where you can return to for familiar faces and fresh experiences.

But before you embark on your voyage, check out these 5 breathtaking Atlantis gay cruises reviews.

Atlantis Gay Cruises Reviews

An Atlantis gay cruise offers the opportunity to become part of a unique, intimate community with old and new friends, experience new adventures, and visit new places.

These cruises are all about romance, newness, and fresh perspective.

1. Bliss Halloween Cruise

Celebrate this Halloween out at Sea with Atlantis Cruises and experience the largest West Coast gay cruise aboard the stunning Norwegian Bliss.

The cruise assembles 4000 guys from all corners of the globe to Los Angeles, where the voyage begins towards some spectacular beaches and gay friendly destinations

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along the west coast of Mexico, stopping at Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas.

This particular cruise is special because Atlantis are celebrating their 30-year anniversary, so be ready to have fun from the beginning to the end.

There are numerous entertainment options onboard, including a large pool deck, various sumptuous eateries, dazzling entertainment spaces, and nice places to play.

You could take a spin around the biggest racetrack at sea – the Bliss Speedway – or hang out at the Vibe Beach Club.

Get a little thrill on the AquaRacer, and treat yourself to the expansive Mandara Spa after a long day.

The core of the ship is definitely the 678 Ocean Place, where you can meet some new friends or just chill out at the brilliant Observation Lounge or on the outdoor pool deck.

During the voyage, explore the most alluring cities and beaches on the Pacific, including an evening at the gay

friendly Puerto Vallarta, or enjoy the city’s unique beach culture and nightlife. Snorkel, fish, or dive in the gorgeous

Cabo San Lucas and discover the charming Mazatlan city, a thriving beachfront metropolis offering the best of authentic Mexico.

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2. Tropical Americas Cruise

This cruise will also be commemorating Atlantis’ 30th Anniversary.

You will be sailing from Miami to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and more with an adventurous new itinerary covering 5 remarkable countries.

Prepared to be dazzled by a diverse collection of 2400 people from around the world, combined with fabulous onboard parties, and an awesome lineup of performers.

Head south from Miami and experience the best of South and Central America, starting with the dazzling island of Roatan.

This special island borders the second largest barrier reef in the world, which is great if you are a diving enthusiast.

Get ready to explore the rich ecosystem of Costa Rica, where exotic wildlife and hidden treasures reside in thick rainforests.

During the day, head inland for a rainforest adventure or river cruise, or explore the historic city.

This will be the first time Atlantis is venturing to Panama, taking you right up to Panama City – the largest metro area in the country – and the renowned Panama Canal.

The cruise will also sail to the southern port of Cartagena, considered one of South America’s most vibrant coastal cities.

Cartagena is filled with walls and castles dating back to the sixteenth century when the city was founded.

Visit the Plaza San Domingo and walled city or learn a little history of Colombia at the Palace of the Inquisition.

You will have ample time to explore both the contemporary and traditional culture of this beautiful city. Be sure to try out the bustling food scene in the area for local flavors.

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3. Odyssey Med Cruise

Get aboard Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas for the most spectacular gay cruise in Europe sailing from Rome to Turkey, the Greek Isles, and more.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 4200 passengers, the new Odyssey of the Seas will take you on a voyage through some of the most fascinating places in the world

while keeping you entertained onboard with an awesome lineup of performers, creative ways to play, and brilliantly inventive parties.

You will have access to some cool technical innovations on this cruise, like the fastest Wi-Fi at sea courtesy of Voom.

Swim or soak in the Mediterranean sun at the three distinctive pools onboard, or dance under the stars on the biggest outdoor deck in the history of Atlantis.

After a long day at sea, the stunning cliffs of Santorini signify that you are now entering the magnificent Greek Isle.

Spend some time shopping the delightful streets of Oia, tasting local wines, exploring the volcanic beaches, and of course, watching one of the most popular sunset rituals in the world.

From here, the cruise will sail all the way to the playground island of Mykonos, where you will have a full day and night to

explore the most famous gay resort destination in Europe. Relax at the beach, try out one of the many tantalizing restaurants in town, and enjoy the unique music and friendly nightlife.

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4. Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise

The luxurious Oceania Marina sails off to the Baltic Sea for seven magical days on this Atlantis gay cruise, where you

will get to discover six of the most fascinating cities in northern Europe.

The idea is to assemble 1200 cruisers from across the globe for one of the most unforgettable gay cruises.

With 5 chic restaurants at your disposal, you will be served sumptuous cuisine in casual elegance at no additional cost.

For entertainment, there will be a couple of perfectly timed parties with friendly hosts and Atlantis’ stellar signature performers.

It is the ultimate combination of entertainment and exploration, delivered luxuriously in every way.

The voyage begins from Stockholm to Tallin to St. Petersburg and more. Stockholm is one of the best places to kick off a Baltic adventure with its friendly and progressive nature.

Spend one or two Days Island and museum hopping, or immerse yourself into the vibrant gay scene before the cruise takes off to the shores of Finland.

Here, you will be treated to a unique combination of unexpected adventures, rugged style, and cosmopolitan life.

With two whole days and an overnight stay at St Petersburg, you will have a lot of time to visit the extensive cultural

collection of theaters, parks, architecture, palaces, and museums in this city.

Atlantis’ expert local guides will be available to show you around the vibrant and friendly gay scene in St. Petersburg.

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5. 30th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise

This is arguably Atlantis’ biggest event of 2022 as they celebrate 30 years of exemplary service.

The cruise, which will have 5500 guys onboard, is set to dazzle with mind blowing parties, legendary concerts, cutting

edge productions, and superstar performers – all on the largest and most spectacular ship in the world, the Oasis of the Seas.

Sail from Miami with fellow gay cruisers from all corners of the world for endless fun and thrill unlike anything you have ever imagined.

There is something for everyone, from the massive production shows and brilliant cabaret stars to the

breathtaking outdoor electronic music concerts, superstar special guests, and authentic Atlantis entertainment on the 5 live performance venues onboard.

Dine at nineteen tantalizing cafes and restaurants, play on everything from a carousel and ice rink to a surf simulator, or unwind at one of the 4 beautiful pools.

Outdoors, enjoy a brilliant dive show from the stunning Aqua Theater – a marvelous display of acrobatics, visual spectacle, and high diving set against the open night sky.

There is also a spectacular ice skating show at Studio B, among other surprises.

If you are looking for something more intimate, try the comedy club with the Gay Comedy All-Stars, or the Music Hall with electrifying singers and outrageous drag queens.

On this cruise, you will visit four gorgeous islands in the Caribbean.

Be sure to get out and explore the breathtaking beaches and unspoiled landscape in Atlantis’ first ever trip to Puerto Plata.

Alternatively, use this opportunity to do some duty-free shopping along the laid back St. Thomas, just beside one of the most attractive beaches in the Caribbean at Little Magens bay.

Atlantis is the largest organizer of gay and lesbian cruises in the world.

Taking an Atlantis cruise is an unforgettable experience that offers limitless options when it comes to gay-friendly

destinations, from the South Pacific to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Pick a cruise from our Atlantis gay cruises reviews and get the chance to mingle with other welcoming gay cruisers like yourself!

Every day starts with an exciting new destination to explore. All the planning onboard and ashore is already done for you.

The best part is that virtually all of your meals are covered, so you don’t have to spend more than you need to on extra expenses.

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