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Welcome to UBGuest, Where We Redefine Travel & Push the Travel Envelope 

Since 2018, UBGuest has been on the frontline to redefine vacationing and travel by pushing the best trip and tour recommendations based on our firsthand experiences. As a platform focused on sharing our exploration of some of the most exotic places on the planet through various travel means, UBGuest pushes the envelope of what’s possible in the tours and travels space. 

We’re here to provide a solid system of information that you can use to make the best travel and vacation decisions.  Whether you want to plan your first vacation from start to finish and you need the best guidance to do so or you’re ready for a deep dive into sea, land, and air travel, UBGuest is here for you. 

I’m Timmy, A Lifelong Traveler, and Lover of the Natural World 

For me, traveling isn’t just passion. It’s my way of life. I’ve spent a fair share of my life traveling to some of the most exotic places on the planet. My love for travel has taken me to Greece, Italy, Turkey, and to some of the best countries in the world yet. Speaking of travel, my family and I have been to the most beautiful places imaginable.

From trekking in the Great Smoky Mountains and touring in Denali to enjoying the sunrise in Acadia and kayaking in the Everglades, clearly, the passion for travel is something deeply embedded in the tablets of our hearts. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. 

My travel experience has ushered us to someone of the most beautiful places on the planet. Places that, if anything, are still a mystery to many passionate travelers. So join me in this adventure, and discover the never before seen wonders of the travel world to create an experience and memories that will last forever. 

The Best Category & Content on 

Currently, the best categories of content on UBGuest that you should checkout right away are as outlined below: 

Some of the best content that you should check out on UBGuest right now, including my favorite ones, are as follows: 

A Short Story About Travel Addiction Turned Into Blogging Passion 

My story is unlike that of many bloggers on the web. I grew up in a family that already had an established travel business, so money had never been a problem to us. 

Occasionally, my dad would take us to travel tours, each time to a completely different place for an exciting and memorable exploration. Then the travels became a lot more frequent, and, for what it’s worth, we explored hundreds of places around the world in a way I never even would have imagined possible. 

As my passion for travel continued to deepen, I began writing down notes of places I had been, foods I’d eaten, people I’d met, and the bizarre, inspiring, and hilarious things I’d seen. It was a fun ride all the while – and it still is. 

I started visiting travel blogs, from the less known to the incredibly famous ones, to learn more about travel destinations and packages. The more blogs I read, the more I wish I had my own where I could share my experience and passion for travel with the rest of the world. And that’s when UBGuest went live online. 

Built with users as well as search engines in mind, UBGuest continues to grow into a useful content hub where travel enthusiasts, and addicts like myself, can read about cruises, land travel, and air travel, with the aim getting inspiration and advice to make the right travel decisions.

UBGuest Mission, Vision, and Core Values 

I started UBGuest with a purpose. And that has always been about inspiring, entertaining, and educating you on everything tour and travel. Our mission, vision, and core value express the focus of our commitment to providing you the latest, high standard information in the travel space. 

  • Mission: To inspire, inform, and guide you to make the best land, cruise, and air travel decision 
  • Vision: To become a trusted, go-to platform where you can learn everything travel, tours, and vacationing all in one place. We vision to grow into a bigger community of travelers with time, and our commitment to making UBGuest a resourceful platform will continue.  
  • Core Value: To maintain a higher level of integrity and use informed judgment to make publication decisions so we can provide you with content that gives our valued readers immense value. 

Meet the rest of the team


Jeremy Hudson is a seasoned collaborator at UBGuest. He’s a traveler at heart with years of exploration under his belt. He has traveled by air, land, and sea, and he knows some of the most exquisite places on earth. 

Jeremy has been to multiple cruises has a child and his passion for excursion on the blue water is clearly expressed in his kind of writing. By contributing to the content production of UBGuest, Jeremy adds a great wealth of knowledge to the platform in a way that’s so remarkable, making him one of the talents behind the success of this blog.

Never naive to share his thoughts, Jeremy write more based on observation and personal experiences. His confidence in weaving his thoughts on travel into words allows him to write complex travel topics in language that’s so easy to understand. Whether you need tips to get the most out of your cruise vacation or you want to examine a cruise line inside out without worrying about the technical terms, Jeremy always make it so simple.

While Jeremy is an avid traveler who knows so much, he’s so humble for his kind of a person. Not to mention that he’s an A-player that believes in delivering his very best.  

Chief Editor

Stephanie Michaels is our Chief Editor at As the leader and manager of our digital publication, Stephanie ensures the final look and feel of the publication is in line with our editorial guidelines. She works with editors, co-editors, and writers to ensure that every blog post we publish is epic. 

With the guides issued by Stephanie, our writers, editors, and core editors get to know the scope of the publication. That includes understanding the topic, structure, and tone that should go into every piece of content that we write. 

By mapping out UBGuest content and making sure every plan consistent with the brand’s publication scope, Michaels make the content production process for the blog easily scalable. As the editor-in-chief, Stephanie reviews every piece of content from our co-editors editors, and writers to ensure they are not only error free but also appropriate for our audience. 

She is also involved in hiring and leading the editorial team and often works with the team to ensure there’s a professional work culture among members involved in making the best travel blog on the web. Stephanie also helps us to plan and manage the editorial budget of UBGuest blog so we know where the incoming money will go as far as content production is concerned.

Graphic Designer

Julie Destiny is a team player with an impeccable sense of humor. She loves rock music and she’s a fashion maniac with exceptional graphics design skills. She is a people person, which makes the graphics design position suitable for her. 

As a Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator geek, Julie adds visual touch to the content published on UBGuest. She literally transforms posts that would be otherwise boring into interesting to read pieces of content. Her role, as she likes to humorously put it, is to captivate reader through visual art forms such as words, images, and graphics. 

She has great attention to details, can work under pressure, and almost always doesn’t like someone micromanaging her. By achieving artistic and decorative effects for our content, Julie has helped us to boost user engagement to UBGuest blog posts, making hers one of the most important roles in our content production process.

In her free time, Julie likes to interact with like-minded designers online and in person. And you’ll often find her reading books about creative arts and critical thinking. And while she’s responsible for maintaining a professional culture at UBGuest, she’ll occasionally become too social with everyone, which is a perfect attribute for a person of her kind. 

Web Designer and Developer 

Justin Bradford is the lead web designer and developer at UBGuest. He understands the mechanism of UX design and applies it in a way that makes this travel blog the best it can be. Justin is an insanely talented person. He can get around design errors fast and fix bugs in codes in the shortest time possible. 

With Justin Bradford in our team, we don’t have to worry about the design, layout, usability, and the overall visual appearance of An in any case there’s a problem with the core structure of this website, Bradford often has a solution figured out in the shortest time possible.

Justin has been designing and developing projects for over 2 years now. His experience has taught him to be a dynamic person with great attention to details. And therefore his contribution to UBGuest is a result of months of experience in his respective field. 

With UBGuest in his hands as far as web design and development is concerned, we never have to worry about the visuals, user interfaces, or user experience. We never have to worry about the core parts of the website either. That’s because Justin always has something figure out for the project.  

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